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  1. Jamfris

    Problems accessing stats on new computer

    Hi, I had to buy a new computer, because the old one stopped working. I installed Maxbulk, added the stats info… but I cannot see the stats that I had stored on my database. When I click on the Stats button on Maxbulk, the information is empty. If I go to the ML link, I can enter and see all my...
  2. Jamfris

    Slow sending

    Hello, I've been a happy user for a while now… but suddenly I've encountered a problem that is giving me a hard time: it's getting very slow to send the emails I've always used the same configuration (1 connection, 400 per time, and 40 minutes between sendings) so I don't mess with my server or...
  3. Jamfris

    Mac App Store

    Hi, I'm a happy Mailbulk and Email Bounce user :) I've seen recently that those programs are available on the Mac App Store... I don't know since when, and I couldn't find any indication on the website when I bought mine (or now, for what matters ;)). And I'd like to have the Mac App Store...
  4. Jamfris

    Statistics not tracking opening on GMail

    Hi I installed succesfully the MLM, and made a few test... it tracks when the mails are open in local... but it doesn't track when they are open from a gmail account. But the clickthroughs do appear. There's anyway it can be solved? Thank you. I have the Pro Version, if it helps, bought less...
  5. Jamfris

    RSS of the blog hacked

    Hello, probably you already know, but the RSS for your blog has been hacked... and anyone who subscribes only see posts for cialis, viagra and stuff... I kn ow it's been more than two years since you last posted on the blog... but one can never lose hope you'll publish something sometime ;)...