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    I can´t export excel´s !?

    Hi !! you need to change extension to .xls in order to open in excel.
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    Report layout

    Hi ! Under report, if i click of column header 1, the report layout gets distorted. Check attachment. This was not under previous version.
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    Icash for iPad

    Its been around 2 months after earlier post. Any news on new version ?
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    Icash for iPad

    And what about new version for windows ? Any plans in near future ?
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    Budget 2

    Is the ticket closed?
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    Exporting "Overview"

    Hello.. It's been over a year. Any updates ?
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    Font size

    When is new version releasing?
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    Exporting "Overview"

    Hello !! Any update on the request ?
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    Opening Balances

    Hi! I am using iCash since Sept'09. I want to delete data from Sep'09 to Dec'09, so that transactions start from Jan'10. Now, for that I need to make balance of all accounts as on Dec'09, as opening balance for all accounts. Is there any way of doing it?
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    Budget 2

    Great :D When will it be available?
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    New Version

    Any plans for new version in near future ?
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    Budget 2

    :( But did it pass your tests ? I m afraid its not working here.
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    Wrong Total

    Did u find the problem ?
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    Budget 2

    Any progress on request ?
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    Budget 3

    Hi ! Any update on the request ?