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    Update of icash not possible: "image not recognized"

    I just started the update of icash by downloading the icash.dmg file to my desktop. On doubleclicking it to install the software I get the message "image nicht erkannt" (image not recognized). Is there an error in the downloaded file and will you correct it soon or have I done something wrong? (...
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    Archiving accounts data

    Again a quick and really useful answer! Deactivating auto-backups really improved speed as you indicated. Thank you again, this a really useful piece of software for me!
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    Archiving accounts data

    Thank you for the advice! I didn't know it is so easy to do what I meant. On the other hand I do not understand my slow start-up of iCash. Are there any settings on an iMac that you could think of to improve that?
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    Archiving accounts data

    Hi, I'm wondering whether in a future version of icash it could be made possible to save an archive file of all accounts data. One should be able to set a date before which the archive would store all transactions and eliminate those from the present file yet keeping the balance in each...