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    List of the last Update

    Hello, I received this morning the notification that there was a new update available. Nevertheless, I cannot find a list of what this new update brings as fix or new features. Can someone tell me ? Thanks Victor MdS
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    Transaction not recorded in balancesheet

    I am currently having an issue with some transactions perfectly recorded and ticked as reconcield. When I go the Balance sheet view, they do not appear or they appear as unreconcield. Does anyone have had the same issue ? How to solve it ? Thanks Victor
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    iCash 3.1

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I tried yesterday again to install it and it worked this time. Great product !!! Regards, Victor
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    iCash 3.1

    Problem with the file to install the version I tried yesterday to install the latest version on my Mac Mini. I got a message error - error -36 telling me that the installation can not go through. Did anyone else experience the same thing ?