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    Statistics window in Mac not opening, visible

    In the Appstore version, i cannot open statistics. I can click, but nothing happens. First, I did clear all history, cleared the LM on site, cleared the Mysql. So new installation. Then i did install the Appstore version again. Did install LM with mysql-settings. Everything went oke. The i send...
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    Statistics window in Mac not opening, visible

    Great Work! The update is arrived in the Appstore, and fast. Thanks. So i tested it directly. Did clear all settings. Also the mysqol database as de LM. Also cleaned the history. Then added all new, LM and MYSQL. Then i made an testmail. Send it to me as test. Clicked, checked. LM and MYSQL were...
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    Statistics window in Mac not opening, visible

    Thanks, I have also tested this on a MBP. The Appstore version has a glitch. It's a pitty because i had send some newsletters. And did yesterday cleanded all up. So no history anymore. But great that it will be changed... any time. If Apple gives You the blessing.... Thanks!
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    Go in the directory TEMPLATES in LM. Go to your language directory. And in that directory are 3 files starting with msg_ You can change the text there. Go to the directory HTML to change the content in the php pages.
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    Statistics window in Mac not opening, visible

    Hi Stanbusk, I have downloaded the programm in Your link. this is 8.6.8. I was asked for a serail number. Did just try. And with the same settings, STATISTICS works fine. So in my 8.6.6 this is an bug. Can You help? I have the Appstore version. I’m glad that i now know what’s going on. What do...
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    Statistics window in Mac not opening, visible

    I have installed Maxprog again. So clean on my mac. And all settings are oke. The button 'statistics' is visible, enabled, so not grayed out. I did some checks: -The msql database is filled. Check -I see click in the mysql database added real time. Check -https://mysite/lm/lm.php after...
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    Statistics window in Mac not opening, visible

    Hi Stanbusk, I have deleted the app on my Mac. Then installed again in the appstore. But no change. I think the version in the Appstore is not good? See enclosed informationscreen. Try to use Your link result in an errorscreen. See image 2. What to do? regards, Jan
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    Statistics window in Mac not opening, visible

    The button does not give any respons. So no new screen. See fast animated gif. I did double check the msql-part. Everything is oke. tbl_mlm_sub_clk is filled with 27 rows an table tbl_mlm_sub_clk_test has two rows. .
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    Double-clicking in Finder does not load files in MBM 8.6.8

    Have You tried to choose ope with, than choose the MBM and select ‘allways open with this programm’?
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    Sending mails slow down

    Did You check your ESP if this amount of mail is within their daily limits? To preventie spam Some ESP have a limit.
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    Statistics window in Mac not opening, visible

    Just installed LM on a new machine. IMac. Went Well. But i can click on statistics, but the window is not shown/opened. Send an testmail. Clicked,but no view statistics shows no screen. In lm.php i can see deliveried and clicks. But ot in the programm itself. Strange. Perhaps its asked more. But...
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    Any statistics with MaxbulkMailer and MLM

    Check if your directory setting is correct. Go to PREFERENCES in MaxbulkMailer, then Go to GLOBAL. And check the directory. This should be the same as INSTALLED, including lm.php.
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    [solved] Error #103 and click trough error: [solved]

    I use versien SE 8,5 on a Mac. After installing MLM on my server. I tried to view the statistics. First i did a reset on history. When i choose a mailing, i get an error #103, What must i do to prevent resolve this? Error message: Fout #103- URL not right/valid www/lm/lm.php [issue solved] I...
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    list management tip for me

    Hi There, what's your working process on a mailing which has been sent i i would like to reminder the addresses who didn't click on a newsletter. So in the actual list i want the clickers been deleted to resend an reminder. How do you do that?