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    Split Transaction: Tabbing and Input

    ICash continues to be a stellar product. I was wondering if it would be possible to enhance the Split Transaction screen to function more like the regular transaction input screen. This would enable users to tab between fields instead of only being able to click on the field arrow key for drop...
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    query - Transaction Type Equals Check

    Hi! I was wondering if there was any progress on this request? Thanks.
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    query - Transaction Type Equals Check

    Hi! Was wondering if there is a way to run a query that shows all transactions with a transaction id "BEGINNING WITH" check. This would enable me to run a check number report to ensure all checks are entered for auditing purposes. It would also allow me a method to do a quick visual scan...
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    Can't Add A New Project Identifier

    Oh I feel so foolish, it's been so long since I had to add one. Talk about me trying to make the simple complex. Thanks for answering so quickly.
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    Can't Add A New Project Identifier

    Today I was updating my ICash and wanted to add a new project id. When I hit Edit, I get my list of current id's and the buttons delete and rename. How do I create a new one? Thanks... I did try finding it in the documentation, but didn't manage to locate it. Thanks for your help.
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    reconciled splits not marked on acct rept

    I've attached the screen shot as requested. Sorry it took so long. The first 2 items are both split transactions. The first is reconciled (all parts) on the transaction screen, the second is not reconciled (no parts) on the transactions screen. Neither show as reconciled on the report...
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    ICASH4 Online manual

    Couple of questions. First, is there a way to search the manual other than the displayed page? Second, I notice on the Account menu selection there is a Reconcile option but it is not available (e.g. it's greyed out). I'm assuming this means it isn't active yet, or am I just not figuring out...
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    reconciled splits not marked on acct rept

    Not at the moment but I'll get one put together within the next few days.
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    reconciled splits not marked on acct rept

    Hi, Just noticed (I haven't installed the newest upgrade yet, but am running 7.2 Just noticed that on my Account Report, the split transactions do not have a check mark beside them on the report even though they are actually reconciled and show as such on the transaction and query pages...
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    How to split a schedule transaction?

    This will be a very nice feature to have. I look forward to it.
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    Split Transaction - Project ID field omitted

    For the most part I like the split transaction feature. My biggest problem with it is that when I key in the split I can't key in the project id. I make the change for the split, save it and then have to go into the individual transaction to update the project id. This adds considerable time...
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    iCash Mobile Strategy

    I agree, something basic that tracks mainly cash related things. I hope it would handle both expenses and receipts (e.g. that are not going to be deposited to the bank such as a friend repaying the $10. he owes you; small cash sales such as a farmer delivering a few dozen eggs). I...
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    Accounts not used for a Project

    I actually meant to say like the P&L's as those reports already do that. Thanks again.
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    P&L General Ledger Project Subset Problem

    I just noticed something that I think has a big impact. :cry: I just ran my P&L General Ledger Report subset by a Project. The totals on the General Ledger Report match the totals for the Detail report with the same Project subset. However - the detailed listing on the General Ledger...
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    Accounts not used for a Project

    Just a thought for a future enhancement. When running Balance Sheets and P&Ls subset by Project, would it be possible to have accounts omitted, if the project was not used in that account at all in that time frame? I'm not sure how involved that kind of check is, but it would certainly...