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    Email Verifier cannot validate valid mail

    Nonsense Port 25 is NOT blocked but is not used by my ISP. I have verified this by resetting all the 587 settings to 25 and receiving email as before. As I said, nothing is blocked. Not everyone is as dumb as you paint them Stan and NO, it is you who is incorrect. Email Verifier IS useless...
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    Email Verifier only verifies it doesn't verify

    I've noticed that many of the maxprog replies to "why doesn't Email Verifier verify email" contains the text " Is port 25 blocked?" Most ISP's these days do not support Port 25. The reason is overuse and misuse over years by spammers and malware distributors. My ISP uses Port 587 and has...
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    Email Verifier cannot validate valid mail

    Why Email Verifier Doesn't Validate Most Email Most ISP's (if they are smart) block this type of software. This is done so "email harvester"s cannot gather email addresses from their servers and spam the world even more. Here's an example. If I make a list of 10 known to be valid email...
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    Email Verifier cannot validate valid mail

    Port 25 is not used Thank you for your reply. I use Rogers as an ISP and they do not use port 25. and haven't for some years. They use Port 587 and 110 as input and I have used them for 10 years now. They do not block anything. All are set correctly. Now what?
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    Email Verifier not working

    Yes and it still doesn't work
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    Email Verifier cannot validate valid mail

    I am on a iMac 10.1 with Snow Leopard 10.6.3. I am a user of most of your applications under license. I noticed EV does not find many email addresses from a list as valid or at all. If I type in email addresses in Email Verifier that I know are valid one at a time, the program times out or...