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    MaxNews Find

    In MaxNews there is a Find icon on the toolbar but it's inactive (grayed-out). How do you seearch messages in a newsgroup for a specific word? Thanks! Larry
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    MaxNews Status Suggestion

    I notice that when there is a reply to a post, there is a little blue circle and a number which is the count of message and replies. However, if I flag a message so I can find it later, the flag replaces the blue circle and the number doesn't appear (the right arrow does serve to indicate that...
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    MaxNews Spell Check?

    Thanks! Looking forward to it!
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    MaxNews Spell Check?

    Like another user, I am a recent convert to Mac with much experience with Outlook Express as a news reader. Looked for a comparable reader for quite a while before I found MaxNews. Does MaxNews have a spell checker to check the spelling of messages before they are posted? I couldn't find...