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Recent content by ekosistema

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    Tags inside a URLs

    Is there a free update ? Don't want be rude, but It should be working fine with the version I have. I am happy with the features in this version and I don't feel like spending more money in a whole new software. I belive it could be some kind of missuse of mine. Or maybe something fixable...
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    Tags inside a URLs

    Hello and thanks for your reply, I am using MaxBulk Mailer 7.9.1-ES for Mac. I just found a curious solution, but I still would like to understand better the real cause of it. I realized it works if I put a blank space before the variable value. So, using the same example as before, when I...
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    Tags inside a URLs

    So, I am still unable to send newsletters. Or at least to use the MLM. Is there any solution for that ?
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    Tags inside a URLs

    In both cases I get the following URL (I've changed the domain names for privacy, but the rest is all the same) http://www.myweb.com/newsmanager/lm/lm. ... 3Femail%3D[Dirección%20email]
  5. E

    Tags inside a URLs

    I need to pass some variables inside the URL. For example, to a user named Prince William: http://www.mysite.com/?name=Prince&lastname=William. To get that result I use the tags [name] and [lastname]. Everything works fine but If MLM is activated it won't replace the TAG by it's content. In...