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    Icash for iPad

    any news about iCash for iOS on iPad? A
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    iCash for iPhone / iPad

    Hi stanbusk most of your customers ask you for a mobile version. I think they (included me) don't need a fully funcionally version of icash on mobile devices .. but WE probably LIKE THE STYLE AND USABILITY OF ICASH ON MAC, and we would like to have the same things on iPhone/ipad... personally...
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    Import from icash file via qif format

    I run v7.4 under os 10.7.2. I have a master file daily used. I've made a new file taking some count from the master one. I would like to export from master file few transactions via qif. when I IMPORT into the new one the exported transaction, I can't see the onces made by CASH!!! can you fix...
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    iCash for iPhone / iPad

    Hi admin, why you don't put on the website a survey about the needed version for IPAD/IPHONE of icash! I' m using icash on mac from many years, but it's time for us to migrate!! why that takes sooooo long? on the market we can find a lot of moneymanager programs on mac/win and ipad/iphone ...