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iCash - Money Manager | 多用途的macOS 和 Windows个人财务管理软件
iCash - Money Manager | 多用途的macOS 和 Windows个人财务管理软件

iCash - Money Manager

多用途的macOS 和 Windows个人财务管理软件

Compatible with MS Windows Compatible with MacOS
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  iCash 是个人财务管理软件,用于记录你的收支、借贷与银行交易记录, 简单的建立你所需要的会计帐户,然后钱在它们之间流动! 甚至无需知道会计知识也无需理会它, 良好的账户分类与组织让你更清楚你的收支状况.
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 iCash 是容易使用,多用途的Macintosh 和 Windows个人财务管理软件, 适用于帮住你处理所有账务的问题. iCash 能提供多种个人、俱乐部、社团、个体经营、自由职业、小企业、家庭的会计需要,用于记录收支与银行交易记录情况. 在一分钟之内简单的点击几下就可以创建你的帐号然后开始记录.

 iCash 是灵活,方便用户使用.为此,它不使用复式记账原则,无需会计知识就可使用. 简单建立您所有的支出、收入、银行帐户.然后钱在它们之间流动! iCash 让你收支情况一目了然.所有帐户根据用户定义类别和内置类型而组织.用条件过滤查询、报表. iCash 还可以多帐套管理,因此在同一时间您可以管理俱乐部、社团、家庭的帐务.

 iCash 有以下版本 德文, 法文, 西班牙, 意大利, 瑞典, 俄文, 中文, 日文, 韩文, 荷兰 葡萄牙文.

 iCash的当前版本为7.6.2 (发布于2018-01-16). iCash已经获得了2,517次好评,得分4.5星,总分5星!

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快速导入,导出类别会计帐号与交易记录.(OFX, QIF, CSV)
功能强大的 SQL 数据库引擎,确保数据安全.
Mac OS与Windows原生版本

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iCash 7.6.2 (January 16, 2018)
[Chg] Cancelling the creation of a new account when entering transactions return the focus to the related field. The application no longer displays Update Plan expiration alerts when the option for checking for new versions has been deactivated. Maxprog server will no longer send Update Plan expiration notifications when the option for checking for new versions has been deactivated. Fix: Currency update from the internet now works again. Fix: Issue when entering a new payee when part has been autocompleted with wrong case.

iCash 7.6.1 (June 15, 2017)
It is now possible to display the '+' sign on all positive amounts, new preference setting. The application now asks user for creating new accounts when entering transactions. 'About app' window last line has a hidden contextual menu with info, registration, unregistration and setting reset options. The Bank Statement import preview now identifies with a red background the entries with default values (not processed by a rule). When browsing thru the Bank Statement import file records, matching rule gets selected automatically in the rule list (if any). The Bank Statement import data column viewer now displays tooltips so we can see all the text. Transaction entry debit account pull-down list order has been restored, bank is again listed first. The Bank Statement import preview now uses better coloring for the transaction amounts. The Bank Statement rule editor now capitalizes the comment part according to capitalization settings. Fix: Duplicate/Transfer window crash on Windows. Fix: Add Now window crash on Windows (when called from scheduler). Fix: Hi-DPI picture issue on Windows. Fix: Red color for scheduled transactions has been restored in the Account Statement report. Fix: Bank Statement import issue with rules when comment includes given characters like comma, colon, semicolon, pipeline, etc. Fix: The Bank statement import uppercase option now only affects first character, others are lowercased.

iCash 7.6 (January 17, 2017)
iCash now supports Hi-DPI/Retina screen mode. All toolbar and control buttons have been replaced by Hi-DPI/Retina grey icons. All icons and pictures used by the application have been redesigned to be Hi-DPI/Retina. Fix: Crash when using the 'File > Print' and 'File > Page Setup' menus on macOS 10.12 (Sierra). Fix: Documents not recognizing iCash as the appropriate viewer/editor. Fix: Startup folder not expanding automatically after closing the document with it expanded. Fix: Calendars not showing previous year last month when going backward. Fix: The transaction comment field text is no longer deleted when moving the cursor and adding new text. Fix: Statistics panel aesthetic small fixes.

iCash 7.5.9 (October 12, 2016)
Fix: Issue with multiple transaction editor not showing the comboboxes menus. Fix: Return key not handled properly in Comment and Project fields. Fix: Totals not visible next to 'Transaction' when selecting several transactions. Fix: Key shortcuts using the shift key no longer blocked by transaction input fields. Fix: Payee, comment and project fields no longer deleted when going thru fields. Fix: Switching panels no longer reset the transaction entry panel.

iCash 7.5.8 (June 16, 2016)
When selecting several transactions the input panel is now reseted and cleared. When on the transaction input day field and pressing the space bar, the focus is now moved to the amount field. The transaction amount field now responds to the up and down arrows to navigate thru last transactions. The transaction input day field no longer supports the Ctrl+space/Cmd+Space shortcut. Feature moved the the amount field. When changing the working account on the top-left of the transaction panel, the input fields are now reseted and cleared. The transaction comment field menu now includes previously used comments for same accounts and payee. By right-clicking on the transaction comment field right menu arrow, you now get previously used comments for same accounts ignoring the payee. The 'Edit > Select All' menu (Ctrl-A/CMD-A) when on the Transaction list is now instantaneous. The 'Edit > Select All' menu (Ctrl-A/CMD-A) when on the Queries list is now instantaneous. Fix: Document window height was limited to available height minus 100 pixels. Fix: The transaction type, origin account and target account comment lines now display the '&' character properly when present. Fix: Difficulties when trying to select part of the text inside combo boxes in the transaction input panel. Fix: All combo boxes now respond properly to the 'Edit > Select All' menu (Ctrl-A/CMD-A). Fix: Tracking number not incremented when inputing a transaction by payee and autocompletion. Fix: The transaction payee field now properly autocompletes even when typing accentuated characters. Fix: The transaction bulk edition window payee field now properly autocompletes. Fix: Several interface aesthetics fixes. Fix: A space character added by the system after selecting a transaction, double-clicking on the amount field and entering a new number. Fix: Combo boxes still showing previous menu choices even when all the text has been deleted. Fix: The transaction input combo field menus not displaying the '&' characters properly when present. Fix: When a transaction completes, the comment field not always set to the last used comment for same accounts and payee. Fix: Project not set from favorites on given occasions. Fix: Budget type and category totals on list multiplied by 12 when comparing with a period smaller than a year. Fix: Budget type and category totals reseted to yearly when comparison has been deactivated. Fix: Scheduler adding 1 more transaction when selecting a given number of transactions. Fix: Scheduler displaying wrong 'Last Transaction' when scheduling by number. Fix: Scheduler displaying wrong 'Next Transaction' when scheduling by number and opening a saved entry. Fix: Formatting display problem on the Overview panel when mixing currencies and changing format for default currency. Fix: Several interface aesthetics fixes on MS Windows version.

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